Benefits of Retaining Walls

There is a wide choice when it comes to retaining walls, and they can be attractive and eco-friendly, adding value to your home and lasting for many years.

Adding Value To Your Home

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to add value to your home is to add one or more retaining walls, and they also have the advantage that you can alter the walls as and when needed. Landscaping and making the spaces around your home more versatile is also easy if you add a retaining wall; for example an attractive yet basic rock wall can be used to separate flower and vegetable gardens.

Plenty of Choice

There are several different types of retaining wall, as well as the different materials used, making it easy to find the right combination of style and material to match your landscaping needs. Eco-friendly products can be used to make your wall, and you can choose from such different types as a traditional wall made from stone and mortar, a dry stack which doesn’t use mortar, or a gabion wall, which is shaped by using a stone filled mesh.

Durable and Low Maintenance

You really don’t need to carry out any maintenance on your wall once it has been constructed, a big advantage to many busy homeowners. If you use locally sourced materials, they are probably used to the weather conditions where you live, and repairs are few and far between if you use natural materials.


You can build a constructing wall for many different reasons, and they are able to provide structural slope retention up to 70 degrees, as well as hold back water or earth safely and effectively.

Ecologically Friendly

Traditional walls use up to 50 percent more concrete than walls built to be eco-friendly, and an eco-friendly wall doesn’t disrupt the area’s natural vegetation or cause excessive storm water runoff. And an eco-friendly wall simply fits in with the surrounding landscape a lot better.

Whether you want to increase your home’s value or need to hold back earth or water, a retaining wall can be a useful and practical addition to any yard.