Basic Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

As the nation continues to enjoy the magnificent summer weather over the next few months, families and friends everywhere are enjoying backyard barbecues and hanging out together in the garden and/or swimming pool. Although the heat is delightful for people, outside grass areas will begin to suffer quickly, and not just due to increased foot traffic. Even when you try to cool off the garden with numerous buckets of water or via the hosepipe, your lawn can become neglected and ultimately suffer. Unfortunately, this does nothing to assist the eco-friendly effort around the world to try and conserve water.


Watering your grass for hours at a time will cause a lot of run-offs.

Water conservation is the most cost-effective method in reducing the demand for water, and the majority of garden lawns can actually fall victim to over-watering. If your lawn looks in any way lacklustre or seems to be continuously thinning and becoming more thirsty by the day, an advanced lawn sprinkler and reticulation system can be professionally installed in your back garden.

For homeowners who already own a sprinkler system, you can improve its efficiency (and guarantee a healthy, verdant and green lawn at the same time!) by ensuring that your system is performing correctly. Keeping it operating efficiently may dramatically lower your monthly utility bills. First of all, it is important to see if your system has been inspected for head to head coverage, or examined for sprinkler-head problems. Has a sprinkler system checkup been carried out within the last year or two?

If not, here are some basic sprinkler maintenance tips:

1. Program/reset the timer mechanism to a specific watering schedule, remembering any existing watering limitations.

2. Inspect the entire lawn sprinkler system for leak problems.

3. Rotate all spray heads so that the spray radius has the utmost water coverage.

4. Inspect every nozzle, head, riser, and any attached wiring for damage, wear and tear. Also, check that the rain sensor functions correctly.

house with big lawn

The lawn looks in any way lacklustre or seems to be continuously thinning

It is best to water your lawn area two or three times each week (not every day), keeping in mind that it should run at least 20-30 minutes at a time. Keep in mind that watering your grass for hours at a time will cause a lot of run-offs, which is not resourceful at all. Always try to program several start times throughout the month. If you delay carrying out maintenance on your sprinkler’s nozzles, valves, risers and heads, the cost to repair the system can drastically add up over time.

Checking your lawn sprinkler system on a bimonthly basis will lower the risk of costly repairs, as well as increasing its overall performance and saving water.