Choose the Right Type of Paver

Prior to choosing a paver for your project, ensure that you choose a paver stone that fits into your landscaping theme. Pavers can provide natural beauty and ambience to your outdoor living area, and they are also a durable choice besides using concrete. The interlocking paving stones are designed in such a way as to prevent weeds and other such plant life from growing in between the joints, and they are designed to shift with the ground to prevent cracking of their surface.

Pavers are a manufactured product and come in many different shapes, colours, and sizes. As a homeowner, you have a choice in the type of pavers you like most. But before taking on the task of a paver project, you should be sure to choose the right type of paver for your needs.


Use the right type of paver for a good atmosphere.

1. Tumbled Pavers
A tumbled paver is the standard paver you will find the most when you shop around. They undergo a special process that reduces the sharp edges giving them a kind of natural and antique appearance.

Once the process is complete, the edges will appear broken and chipped. This gives this type of paver an old-world feel. If you consider your home your castle, then this type of paver may be the ideal choice for your home.

2. Textured Pavers
This type of paver is not smooth but textured for a more expensive and custom appearance. This style of paver is usually ideal for surrounding swimming pools as their textured nature may prevent slips and falls.

3. Smooth Pavers
If you want a uniform appearance around your landscaping area, these pavers provide a smooth, solid surface that offers an easy solution for that cohesive look. You may also want to use these types of pavers on your patio, in your driveway and on your walkway in keeping with the same paver theme in your outdoor area. These smooth pavers provide a simple, polished, and classy look that lasts for a long time.

When you are in the market for pavers, you can go online and look for paver deals to find which ones are right for you. You may be able to find discounts and deals that will help you save hundreds of dollars. This can be helpful if you have a large paver project to undertake.