Great Home Extension Guidelines

If you need some more space in your home, these useful home extension tips can help you achieve that goal.

1) Get Approved First

Different local councils have different regulations and guidelines and it pays you to work with a designer who will go the extra mile, yet still satisfy any local regulations. Building regulations approval will be needed, and perhaps planning permission and you can find plenty of info online.


Work with a designer who will go the extra mile.

2) Talk to Your Neighbours

Talking to your neighbours about your planned home extension can get them on your side, and make sure they don’t object to your planning application.

3) Set a Budget

Allowing £1,000-£2,000 per each square metre is a rule of thumb for most home extensions, but regardless of your plans, it’s important to have a clear budget. Don’t forget various extra fees, such as VAT, consultants fee and designer’s fee.

4) What Is the Extension For?

Whether you want a peaceful room in which to relax or a playroom for a growing family, it’s important that you and your designer know the purpose of the extension.

5) Location and Setting

No two home extensions are the same, and the location of your home and the size and layout of your garden will affect the size and design of extension. Don’t forget the landscaping which can add to the overall effect.

6) Different Materials

There are different materials available, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. You may want to consider white rendering, grey slate, timber cladding or something else.

7) Thinking Outside the Box

Unusual details, a different shape or a striking design can all make your extension get noticed by friends and family, whether it is outwards into the garden or upwards into the loft.

8) Choose the Right Builder and Designer


Choose the right builders or ask for a recommendation.

It’s easy to research builders online, or you can ask for recommendations from people you know to make sure you work with someone reliable, knowledgeable and who will do a quality job. And just as important is working with the right designer who can transform your vision into reality.